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Girl and The Goat

December 27, 2012

The food at Girl and the Goat is great because they don’t over complicate it. The presentation is great, but without the tons of unnecessary ingredients and strange garnishes that other fine dining restaurants think are so important. They let the ingredients shine, the way it should be.

The scallops were the standout dish – huge, perfectly spiced, and cooked to absolute perfection. The sweet potato hash was a great accompaniment and they give you plenty of it. The goat empanadas were not overly fried and the goat was moist and simply delicious – a great first dish for cocktails. They should jar whatever fish sauce concoction they put on the green beans, stuff was cray. The Duck Confit was seasoned well, fork tender, and was a nice honkin’ portion – no dainty plates at Girl & The Goat. Roasted pig face served like breakfast with a big fried egg on top, yup.

You order by picking a bunch of dishes and then your server determines a serving order based off of what you picked. We asked our server to pick most of our dishes and she hit the nail on the head  – everything was spectacular.

*They had some sort of off-menu sponge cake with watermelon sorbet for dessert. It was in all seriousness the best desert I can remember eating in my lifetime. If they have it when you’re there GET IT!

The cocktails were awesome as well.  The 6th Borough and Best of Three were the standouts, though they were all good (we sampled more than a few ;).

As far as atmosphere: great modern vibe, wasn’t overcrowded, music was the best I’ve heard at  restaurant. 90’s hip hop!? Word!? A couple got engaged while we were there. Classy.  Servers and host we’re friendly and even shoo’d away some people at the bar that were overcrowding the space when we were getting drinks. Excellent people control. Girl & the Goat is just all-around awesome.


September 29, 2012

December 27, 2012




I just don't want to look back and think "I could've eaten that."

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