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Girl and The Goat Delicious eggsy thing.
Chicago New American

Girl & the Goat (Chicago): Goat Leg Edition

By on February 16, 2016

When I imagine the type of food Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec would approve of, the Goat Leg at Girl & the Goat is right at the top of the list (along with unholy quantities of breakfast food and a 16 oz T-bone with a side of a 24 oz porterhouse). It’s the demon…


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Chicago New American

iNG Restaurant (Now Closed)

By on December 22, 2013

To call Ing a restaurant is unfair. Ing is an experience – whimsical, alcohol-fueled, surprising, and most importantly: delicious.

As a relative noobie to the molecular gastronomy scene I was expecting an excellent experience, but I was also prepared to experience pretentiousness, food that is made to look good rather…


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Chicago Diner New American

Little Goat

By on August 18, 2013

If drinking craft cocktails on a hot summer day underneath a massive rotating goat sign is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

The roof bar was everything you could hope for in a rooftop – comfortable couch seating, bar staff knocking down drinks with the customers, watermelon based booze, and…