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Kuma’s Too (Chicago)

January 16, 2016

We went on a Sunday night. I live just down the street from Kuma’s Too and really, really wanted to like it. I love burgers, don’t mind metal, and am OK waiting for a table at a popular restaurant. Unfortunately Kuma’s Too created a perfect storm of disappointment.

First, the wait. It’s understandable to make people wait, but to offer close to zero room for people to wait in, combined with the fact that they offer zero notification methods that your table is ready (other than the hostess yelling your name) is unnecessarily inefficient and annoying.

The metal. I like some metal. I typically wouldn’t mind eating a burger and listening to it. It was at the point when you could hear the “click” of the iPod over the speakers as the volume was cranked up to a ludicrous volume that made the music obnoxious to me. Metal aside, any music in a restaurant kills the vibe when it’s cranked to “11”.

The food. I had the Kuma’s Classic Burger. It was good and the singular reason this review isn’t 1 Star. Good meat quality, pretzel roll, perfectly-cooked egg on top. It was a solid burger, but certainly not great. In terms of side by side comparisons to other burgers in the area, I’d take Fatty’s or Select Cut over the Kuma burger any day. I also tried the build-your-own Mac and Cheese with prosciutto and mushrooms. It was salty beyond belief, almost to the point of being inedible.

I’m sure Kuma’s will work out some of the kinks – it’s understandably difficult to open a restaurant and be slammed all day, every day. Hopefully Kuma’s will make some tweaks to the wait, music, and food to make for a better experience.




I just don't want to look back and think "I could've eaten that."

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