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Taverna 750

March 31, 2013

While the food, drinks, and atmosphere were all top notch at Taverna 750, the real star of the place was the service. Dan was without a doubt one of the best servers I’ve ever met. Seriously it’s like the guy went to Server School and was #1 in his class.

Service: Dan the man. He started the meal by asking us a bunch of questions about what we typically like in a cocktail and then brought libations that were DEAD ON what we like. He did the same thing with food and hit the nail on the head. He didn’t rush us at all, even though we’re the type that likes to “hang out” at a restaurant and take our time. He was friendly, joked with us, and seemed to generally be having a great time. He ended the meal buy buying us both desert and brought us awesome coffee-flavored shots. Right. On.

Cocktails: Not only are the cocktails awesome (Blood and Sand and Paradisi were that standouts), but they mix you two drinks for every one that you order. Half the drink goes in your glass, the other half is kept chilled on ice for a refill. Essentially you get two cocktails for the price of one. If you’re the type that likes to get your drank’ on whilst you dine, this process will rev your engine.

Food: Smallish-type plates, almost tapas-style. Standouts were the Artic Char, which was one of the top fish-dishes I’ve eaten in recent history. The Scallops were crazy good, with a nice sear and a sweet blackberry sauce. The Mozzarella alla Phyllo was the big kid-version of a cheese stick, flaky phyllo dough with oozy mozzarella inside. You have to order this.The signature dish Pork and Pollenta “Grand Tap” was delicious, the polenta had a great basil-ly flavor, but they skimped on the meat. Pesto and Dijon Hangar steak – perfectly cooked hunk of red meat, garlicky Pesto sauce. What’s not to like?

The bottom like with Taverna 750 is that the drinks are delicious and will rock your brain; the food looks awesome, tastes great, and there’s a ton of variation in the menu. The service will have you wondering why all servers can’t be Dan-awesome. To sum it up in the words of Wayne Campbell: “Excellent.”




I just don't want to look back and think "I could've eaten that."

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