Bakery Chicago

Cafe Vienna

By on February 16, 2013

Unbelievably good Gallaten cookies aside, this Austrian bakery has some damn fine brunch food.

I had the Salmon Crepe: pillow-soft crepe with a heaping portion of salmon inside, cream cheese and greens wrapped up into a giant roll of Salmon-induced ecstasy. Also I have to note that the Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing is really closer the Raspberry Jam than any Vinaigrette I’ve had, it’s deelicious.

Girl got down-home breakfast food: eggs, pancakes, and sausage. The Sausage in particular was some of the best I’ve had, pancakes were, well, cakey. ¬†OJ was like “pummel a bunch of oranges” into a glass fresh.

Also all the pastries I’ve tried (ahem strudel) are at “meteor blasting towards earth, last meal” level.