February 5, 2013

What. the. hell…is that “Ridiculous” desert made of? If I had to guess I’d say…unicorn horn and mermaid tears? Certainly something not of this world.

Best desert of all time, from the Bing Bang until now. I won’t go too much into what it consists of, just take my word that if you eat it you will transcend time and space.

The food was all good, stand-outs were the Pig Sticks (how could a stick of pig meat not be good?) and the Ox Tail Gyoza. I felt the Tale of Two Tuna roll wasn’t too spectacular – seemed to me just a plain, slightly spicy tuna maki. The short ribs, while delicious, were too fatty for my taste – though the presentation makes you feel like Fred Flinstone devouring a dinosaur leg.

Also the service had much to be desired. The girl we had seemed like she just wanted to end her shift and bust the “F” out. We overheard a server the table over that sounded awesome though: explained the menu, talked about the best dishes, and even talked about the awards the Chef received. I guess we just got a dud; definitely not a reason not to check Sunda out.

(Read: Get the “Ridiculous” dessert.)


January 29, 2013

February 16, 2013




I just don't want to look back and think "I could've eaten that."

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