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Longman & Eagle

January 15, 2012

A three dollar whiskey shot menu and delicious food is a match made in heaven; Longman and Eagle is Saint Peter.

I knew this place was going to be good when right as we sat down our server offered us a complimentary spoonful of some kind of mystery squash and pork puree — it was one of tastiest spoonfuls of anything I have ever driven down the ole throat hole. That’s how you start a meal.

For an entree I had the Steak and Eggs — the steak was perfectly cooked and the mushroom salad on top was spectacular. Though the ravioli with an egg inside is a cool way to eat pasta and eggs, I felt that the seasoning was a little on the bland side and the pasta was a little undercooked.

My girlfriend had the Pork Confit — this was amazing. The pork was perfectly seared, was extremely flavorful, and the risotto beneath it was hands-down the best risotto I have ever eaten. Really I can’t imagine rice ever tasting better than that cheesy concoction.

The cornbread desert was out of this world — homemade thick (but still spongy) cornbread served with fresh blackberry jam and olive oil ice cream. OLIVE. OIL. ICE CREAM. What!? It was in the top 5 ice creams I have ever tried, and I consider myself a connoisseur. Really good.

Also they have fried Buffalo Sweetbreads with a really, really, good house-made ranch sauce. Word.

Booze-wise the drinks were good but not quite on par with some of my favorite mixology-crazy joints in Chicago (cough, cough, Violet Hour, cough). For a place that specializes in whiskey I was hoping for a little more extensive whiskey drink menu, and less on the sweet side. I like to feel Charles Bronson manly when I’m downing my whiskey, and I didn’t get that with the drinks here. The 3 dollar whiskey shots certainly took care of that though.




I just don't want to look back and think "I could've eaten that."

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