February 5, 2014

The server/sommelier sets a candle on our table. There’s two of us, well dressed, romantic vibe. Ok, we think, they’re just setting the mood. Three courses later, an astoundingly delicious king crab dish is served – the server grabs the candle, saying nothing, and drips hot wax all over our dishes. What the absolutely hell! They are ruining the food!

Then the smell hits us. That’s not candle wax, but butter that has been slowly melting over the past 15 minutes. A moment of surprising culinary genius, the type of moment duplicated multiple times throughout the 12 course experience.

You will leave full. Very full. For meat-eaters, some of the dishes will be hauntingly good, almost ruining other non-Moto preparations of pork and chicken for you due to the Moto preparations’ superiority. The wine pairings are expert. We don’t pretend that we know anything about good wine, except from what we learned from the documentary SOMM, but the wine at Moto was spectacular even to our un-refined palettes.

Each dish is an experience, something memorable that you instantly want to tell your foodie friends about. This is an easy must-do for those who enjoy culinary adventure.




I just don't want to look back and think "I could've eaten that."

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