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Chicago Italian Pizza

Coda Di Volpe (Chicago)

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I’ll admit that I hold Italian food to a higher standard than other cuisine; I’ve eaten at some of the best restaurants in Italy and I grew up eating Italian food. Tomato sauce is in my blood. That being said, I was flabergasted by the Italian food at the just-opened Coda…

Bar Chicago Italian

Bar Siena (Chicago)

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Bar Siena feels like a bar, but the best kind of bar: one with delicious Italian food everywhere.

After trying Siena Tavern, the fantastic River North restaurant from Top Chef alum Fabio Viviani, I was very excited to try his slightly lower-brau offering in Fulton Market District, Bar Siena.

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Florence Italian

La Giostra

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The mozzarella. At first glance it appears that you are being served a bowl of milk. You’re first reaction will be to to think “a cat I am not!” but one stab of the fork into the bowl and you’ll come to a stunning realization: the cheese, it’s so…