Florence Italian

La Giostra

By on November 15, 2013

The mozzarella. At first glance it appears that you are being served a bowl of milk. You’re first reaction will be to to think “a cat I am not!” but one stab of the fork into the bowl and you’ll come to a stunning realization: the cheese, it’s so fresh that it’s sweating, perspiring milk! Mother of god! It’s then that the strands find your mouth. You blackout, coming-to with an empty bowl in front of you.

Beef. In reality the finest piece of cow I’ve ingested to date. Cooked like the chef had it under a microscope, spices that will leave you confused, excited, in a flavor-induced daze. Coated in a duck mousse that makes you believe that the duck wanted it this way.

The pear ravioli will haunt your dreams, leaving you waking up stabbing the air with an imaginary fork drenched in a pool of your own saliva.

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